Blogs. Why they are so important?

It may seem like every second person has their own blog. Some are personal and people just enjoying sharing their stories, but most are for businesses. Blogs are important for a multitude of reasons. We have listed just a few...


It is a great way to share the work you do. Sometimes you can’t possibly share everything you do on your website- or present it in a way that is interesting. This is where a blog is perfect. You can show the variety of work you do and present it in a that is interesting and inviting for your customers


A blog provides a fresh link and content for you to share in your social media networks, which also brings people back to your website for a reason.


Google actually gives preference to fresh and new content. Therefore if you are writing blogs every week or two then Google will notice and give you preference within organic keyword searches. Therefore, it makes sense to write blogs that are topical for your customers and using keywords in the blog that they are likely to research.




The next thing that businesses often say is ‘well, that sounds great…but we don’t have time to sit down and write blogs’. It is true- blogs can be time consuming. However, it helps if you write down interesting blog ideas as they come to you and then dedicate 2 hours each fortnight to write 1 or 2 blogs. It is ideal to have a blog posted every 1-2 weeks so that you are keeping the fresh content rolling through on your site.


If you still don’t have the time, then Nichemark can help. If you provide the topics and basic information we can assist in writing and uploading the blogs to your site with images.

To find out more about this service contact us.

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