The benefits and rewards from using promotional products

Are you considering how to get the most out of your advertising or marketing budget? A new industry study by Promotional Media Group reveals that when it comes to cost per impression, promotional products are the more cost effective way of advertising.

If you have tried promotional products in the past, consider the following results from an interview study of over 500 business people. The results will surprise you.

of business people remembered the advertisers of the promotional items they received. It would be hard to find the same brand recall from TV commercials, magazine ads or even product placement. The biggest items that created the best brand recognition were apparel items such as jackets or pants, followed closely by caps or hats.

of businesses have done business with the advertiser after receiving the promotional product. This could be because they did in fact remember the name and it was familiar to them. Therefore considering using promotional products as a relationship and network tool could be highly beneficial.


is the average amount of time that a promotional product was kept. Imagine how much a 9 month online campaign would cost. The most long lived promotional item is a bag which can stay around for 13months, followed by glassware and ceramics that stay around for a year. This flows onto the next finding in that the most long kept items are the items that are useful. So when you are considering which promotional products to use, consider who your customer is and what they would find useful.

is the average cost per impression for a promotional product.. Some products, such as bags and calendars were even lower  costing only 2c per impression. Now, think about the cost per impression for advertising on an internet banner which is 58c, or free to air TV commercial which is 22c. The figures show that when spending money on promotional product, the savings and rewards are huge.


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The above study and figures are by Promotional Media Group:

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