Case Studies

With over 100 clients all around Australia we offer unique and customised services to reflect our clients ever changing needs. We have able to supply a range of services so that we can provide an end-to-end solution for your business.

We have ensured that all of our services are designed to be modular, which means that businesses only use the services that they require, but still know that there is the option for Nichemark to manage the entire service process; from design & print to warehouse & distribution.

Nichemark has worked with a variety of clients in all industries and enjoy assisting to meet their clients different requirements. Whereas we may have one client based in NSW who only requires online ordering of business cards, another client will require our help in branding their uniforms and a third might request our services for web design and strategy.

Below is just a few examples of the recent work with a range of industry clients:

  1. Wholesale and Retail Company

  2. Local Timber Group and Manufacturer

  3. National Education Training Manuals

  4. Australian Sporting Goods Manufacturer