September 08, 2016


New Promotion Product - Copper Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

Copper Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

This beautifully crafted water bottle is double walled 18/8 grade stainless steel with vacuum insulation.

Features of the Copper Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle is it’s Inner wall is plated with copper for ultimate conductivity to keep drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 48 hours with a total of 500ml capacity.

This water bottle is made from stainless steel and is available in black and silver. The Product Size is 260mmx 74mm

 The Decoration Area is 45x45mm can be pad printed, full colour print and laser engraved.

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September 04, 2014


Blogs. Why they are so important?

It may seem like every second person has their own blog. Some are personal and people just enjoying sharing their stories, but most are for businesses. Blogs are important for a multitude of reasons. We have listed just a few...


It is a great way to share the work you do. Sometimes you can’t possibly share everything you do on your website- or present it in a way that is interesting. This is where a blog is perfect. You can show the variety of work you do and present it in a that is interesting and inviting for your customers


A blog provides a fresh link and content for you to share in your social media networks, which also brings people back to your website for a reason.


Google actually gives preference to fresh and new content. Therefore if you are writing blogs every week or two then Google will notice and give you preference within organic keyword searches. Therefore, it makes sense to write blogs that are topical for your customers and using keywords in the blog that they are likely to research.




The next thing that businesses often say is ‘well, that sounds great…but we don’t have time to sit down and write blogs’. It is true- blogs can be time consuming. However, it helps if you write down interesting blog ideas as they come to you and then dedicate 2 hours each fortnight to write 1 or 2 blogs. It is ideal to have a blog posted every 1-2 weeks so that you are keeping the fresh content rolling through on your site.


If you still don’t have the time, then Nichemark can help. If you provide the topics and basic information we can assist in writing and uploading the blogs to your site with images.

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August 22, 2014


Social Media and Facebook Marketing

Social Media and Facebook Marketing

Did you know that 46% of online consumers count on social media when making a purchase decision? If you are not on social media, then maybe you should reconsider.

I know Social Media can seem scary. There are so many options to choose from, but if you want to start small and focus your energy and resources then the golden ticket is Facebook…

Facebook has more than 1 billion active users around the world. From the youngest to the oldest , from the geekiest to the most tech unsavvy, thousands of your customers are already on Facebook.

BUT, before you go jumping onto Facebook you will need a plan and realistic goals. If you are going to be on social media, you need to be SOCIAL. You won’t get very far if all you are doing is plugging your brand. You need to find a personal or fulfilling connection with your demographic. And, this is where we can help. We will work with you to:

  1. Figure out who your demographic is on Facebook, and then
  2. Work out how we will communicate to them in a way that is engaging

Notice that we have not mentioned the word ‘KPIs or sales budgets’ and that is because social media is not like traditional advertising. You can’t say that from spending $1000 you will get $3000 in return. Think of social media more like an investment.

Social media is all about favourable brand recognition and awareness. It is about bringing people to your page because they want to, and then in turn they will hopefully become customers who share their experiences and your posts with their friends. This is the end the goal on Facebook. The more content that is shared, liked or commented on means you have a highly engaged audience who will hopefully be directed to your website and converted into leads or customers.

The level of engagement on your Facebook page also reflects your business. This comes back to the starting statement….

46% of online consumers count on social media when making a purchase decision

Therefore the more followers you have or the more engagement you receive, all acts as a positive word of mouth to potential customers who ate actively seeking your brand. This is invaluable for any business.

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July 29, 2014


The benefits and rewards from using promotional products

Are you considering how to get the most out of your advertising or marketing budget? A new industry study by Promotional Media Group reveals that when it comes to cost per impression, promotional products are the more cost effective way of advertising.

If you have tried promotional products in the past, consider the following results from an interview study of over 500 business people. The results will surprise you.

of business people remembered the advertisers of the promotional items they received. It would be hard to find the same brand recall from TV commercials, magazine ads or even product placement. The biggest items that created the best brand recognition were apparel items such as jackets or pants, followed closely by caps or hats.

of businesses have done business with the advertiser after receiving the promotional product. This could be because they did in fact remember the name and it was familiar to them. Therefore considering using promotional products as a relationship and network tool could be highly beneficial.


is the average amount of time that a promotional product was kept. Imagine how much a 9 month online campaign would cost. The most long lived promotional item is a bag which can stay around for 13months, followed by glassware and ceramics that stay around for a year. This flows onto the next finding in that the most long kept items are the items that are useful. So when you are considering which promotional products to use, consider who your customer is and what they would find useful.

is the average cost per impression for a promotional product.. Some products, such as bags and calendars were even lower  costing only 2c per impression. Now, think about the cost per impression for advertising on an internet banner which is 58c, or free to air TV commercial which is 22c. The figures show that when spending money on promotional product, the savings and rewards are huge.


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The above study and figures are by Promotional Media Group: