Mother & Child Handprints

by: Kids Print

Professionally printed on 300gsm bright white textured paper with an additional small, white border for framing.

Please add any customisation to the special instructions box at the checkout. E.g. Name, date of birth or age of child and colour.

All newborn prints are printed at their true size. Sometimes adult or larger prints may have to be resized to fit onto the paper.

Once you have ordered you foot or hand print, an inkless wipe kit will be sent out to you. This will include one inkless wipe and two sheets of paper as well as instructions on how to obtain a print. Once you have your child's print, send it back in the reply paid envelope supplied. You will receive a proof of your print no more than 3 days after we receive your print. Once you have approved it, we may take up to 3 business days to finalise your order and then we will send it out to you with your original prints.

If you already have your own prints made or you would like to make your own, please let us know in the special notes section. If you do this, we won't send you out the inkless wipe kit, instead we will wait for your prints to be emailed or mailed to us. If you do email us your own print, please scan the prints at 300dpi and save them as a jpeg file. Then attach the scanned prints in an email to us. If you mail us your own print, your originals will be mailed back to you with the final product. Once again you will be sent a proof no more than 3 days after we have received your prints. We will do our best to fix any smudges etc on your print. Remember the quality of print that you send us is the quality that you will get back.

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