Preschem Product Range

Exterior Timber Finishes & Preservatives

Timber prices are soaring with the closure of forestry resources throughout Australia.

Wood has become harder to source hence timber has increased in value.

With this in mind, our Preschem Timber Protection products are a low cost solution extending the life of  timber by up to 50%

Our range of Wood Treatments & Clear Finishes have been developed by CSIRO scientists to protect  outdoor timbers in the harsh Australian environment.

Preschem Wood Treatments are approved by APVMA. This means that the registered products have all been evaluated for their effectiveness, safety including their environmental impact.

As a consequence our products protect infrastructures, including millions of timber poles over the past 30 years, establishing Preschem as the major provider of wood remedial treatment in Australia.

Subsequently when you supply your customers with Preschem wood treatment products they are reassured with the knowledge that their timber will get the same protection enjoyed by the major industry groups such as utility companies, government bodies that have been directly specified to use Preschem wood protection products by the insurance underwriters.

Our retail DIY products are available now, and with a growing interest in Timber Protection, it allows your business to help develop and participate in this market.