48 Piece by Piece Puzzle Invitation

by: Piece by Piece

Imagine sending an invitation in the shape of a postcard sized puzzle piece. One side of the puzzle is a piece taken from a larger mystery photo and only you, the sender, know what the complete photo is. Each guest will receive a different piece of the photo and is requested to bring this with them. Working together, your guests will have a great time completing the mystery and in-turn also complete your special occasion.

Perhaps you choose a photo of where you first met for your wedding invitations, a baby photo for your dads 50th or daughters 13th birthday party. It may even be a surprise new product you wish to launch, part of a team building event or even an old photo for a school or sports reunion.

See the video of how the puzzle comes together at your event!

From as little as $10 per invitation you have an affordable, creative and unique way to invite your guests. There are 3 different puzzle cuts to choose from; a 48 piece, a 54 piece and a 64 piece puzzle. All orders will also receive TWO complete puzzles, one is for you to keep in-case a guest forgets, damages or loses their puzzle piece- and the other is for you to send out to your guests.

Once your order is placed a sales representative from Piece by Piece will be in contact with you to organise your photo, guestlist and invitation wording with the final printed puzzle Invitation ready within 10 business days.


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